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After 32 years of continuous real estate development activity the owner and Managing Member of Rider Land & Development LLC had turned his talents and interests to consulting and Expert Witness Services for the real estate community.

Real Estate Expert Witness Services

32 Years  experience in real estate development including:

  • Land acquisition
  • Lease negotiation
  • Contract negotiation
  • Project design
  • Construction management
  • Equity and financing procurement Property management
  • Distressed and REO Property redevelopment planning and execution

Mr Rider' extensive experience has afforded him the opportunity for diverse consultation in project feasibility, land acquisition, contract negotiation, general contracting, distressed and REO property redevelopment, as well as a varied experience serving as an Expert Witness for Landlords, Lenders, Tenants, and Cities and other municipalities.

Rider Land & Development LLC 

The successor company to Rider Land & Development Corporation founded in 1975 by Stuart L. Rider. The company’s original goal was to create profitable real estate properties for investors.  All of RL&D’s forty six projects have been joint ventures with investors’ capital. With only one exception, all the projects undertaken have been outstanding real estate investments.

The company’s average return to equity in the first eighteen months of a project creation has been consistently over 150% ROI (return on equity invested). Cash flows on retained investments have averaged well over the target rate of a 16% annual ROI. Projects sold upon completion (an average of twenty four to thirty months from the start of construction), have paid investors in excess of 300% ROI.

The company is located in Scottsdale, Arizona and specialized in real estate development, project management, commercial real estate consulting, neighborhood and community shopping centers, suburban office complexes and new community planning and development. The company now specializes in consultation and Expert witness projects.

Stuart L. Rider, Author

In 1999, Stuart Rider decided to “pay it back,” and wrote his first book on commercial real estate development entitled From Dirt to Dollars. Six other books have followed over the years. Currently, Mr. Rider's time is occupied with consultation for commercial real estate, seminars, and writing new books.

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